An impending hurricane and a shortage of sensibly priced flashlights at the hardware store allowed me to slip this past the missus today. The Surefire E2D Led Defender. Aerospace aluminum, 200 lumens and strike bezels at both ends will help ensure we survive the apocalypse. 



I was in L.A. last week and I took time out to visit one of my favorite spots, Kushitani motorcycle apparel in Marina Del Rey.  I picked up a pair of Zylon jeans produced in collaboration with Edwin. Zylon is 5 times stronger than carbon fibre, 7 times stronger than kevlar and 27 times more likely to get you laid than textile riding pants.








Finding a good city bag is always tricky. I carried the Patagonia Lightweight Travel Tote in London and it was pretty much perfect. It packs down to nothing and converts into a backpack for when I’m riding the bike. For some insane reason I have three of them.







I am in London for the weekend. I love all the hilarious magazines here. Last night when my wife picked up an assortment of fashion rags, she also grabbed me Nuts. Sports, video games and boobs. Who am I to complain?









I just bought my first ever surf board on Craigs List for $300 (asking price $350). At 6’4″ it is way to short for me to be learning on but Joe promises that I will grow into it. Board is in decent shape but has  two major dings in the tail. Watch this space for a step by step repair.

last year I picked up a Black Wetsuit vest from Saturdays surf shop (a full year before the surf board, cart well ahead of horse) part of a collaboration between Alex Knost and Sea Kong of Japan. Not only is it the softest rubber ever you can pretend you are Burt Reynolds in Deliverance. This year a full suit is on my wish list.

One of my regular stops in the city is Leffot on Christopher St. Owner Steven Taffel is always welcoming and loves to talk shoes. Last summer my wife berated me until I picked up a pair of Cordovan leather loafers (I thought they were too dandy) that Steven designed himself. Now that they are nicely beaten up I wear them every day.

Turns out that my favorite place in the city to get button down shirts (Unis on Elizabeth St.) is also the best for shorts.  Shockingly (given that I look like a 10 year old girl from the waist down) their supper skinny cut makes me feel like a tour de france cyclist or professional bobsledder.




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