Joe Leonard, Photographer

Joe Leonard


Hometown: St Petersburg, Fl. Lives: Greenpoint, BK. Obsessed with: Bikes, Coffee and online shopping.

IWTBH: Joe, I have known you for 6 years.  I was pretty sure when I met you that you were goth but I admit now that I may have been wrong. Could you please describe your personal style?

JL: That’s tough…Grown man on a skateboard?

IWTBH: Perfect! Who inspires  you?

JL: John Cardiel, He broke his back in a skateboarding accident in 2003. His doctors gave him zero chance of ever walking again but after 5 months of rehab he regained the use of his legs. Now he’s an advocate of fixed gear street riding.

IWTBH: That is inspiring. What’s your favorite ride?

JL: My 1984 Eddy Merckx road bike.

IWTBH: Nice. Favorite shoe?

JL: Vans.

IWTBH: I chose to permanently disfigure myself with my wife’s name and a giant panther. You picked a coffee cup. Who makes the best in the city?

JL: No question, Ninth Street Espresso. They are real NYC coffee pioneers.

IWTBH: Latest great purchase?

JL: 1975 Honda CB 360T.

IWTBH: I love that bike. I have wanted a 1970’s CB forever but I’m scared of drum brakes. What’s your favorite fast food chain?

JL: Easy, Chick-fil-A.

IWTBH: Gross. I know you love pigeons. Do you have a pet?

JL: Lucie. She is a 7 year old Beagle Miniature Pincher mix. I had “Victim Board Art” print her picture on my surfboard.

IWTBH: That’s sweet. Favorite book?

JL: The Road by Cormac Mc Carthy.

IWTBH: Favorite movie?

JL: Royal Tenenbaums.

IWTBH: Bullshit.  You are giving me fake pretentious answers! I know for a fact that your favorite movie is “Super Troopers” and your favorite book is “Are You There God It’s Me Margaret”…

JL: No way, I love Royal Tenenbaums.

IWTBH: You have been accused of looking like Hasidic rapper MatisYahu when you grow a beard. What’s up with that?

JL: It’s hard out there for a pimp.

IWTBH: Ketchup or Mayo?

JL: Mayo. Chipotle.

IWTBH: Ultimate Fighting or Golden Girls?

JL: Golden girls. Tapping out makes me queasy.

IWTBH: Blonde or Brunette?

JL: Brunette definitely.

IWTBH: Ever date a redhead?

JL: Hell no!

IWTBH: Hj or Bj?

JL: Hmmmm. Hj.

IWTBH: Good answer. First girl on T.V. you jerked off to?

JL: Samantha Micelli!

IWTBH: Ha, hilarious. I am older than you. I could only think of Angela or I felt like a pervert. My first was Vanna White!

JL: Right on.

IWTBH: Last music “purchase”?

JL: Against Me, Total Clarity.

IWTBH: WTF. That’s not even out yet!


IWTBH: Best trip ever taken?

JL: Spain in 2010 with my wife Jen. Barcelona, Madrid and down the coast.

IWTBH: Event that changed your life?

JL: I just rode my bike from NYC to St Petersburg Fl. It took 18 days and was the hardest thing I have ever done. This was my second attempt and I was determined to make it.

IWTBH: Impressive. Beer, wine or liquor?

JL: I’m not really a big drinker but I’ll say beer. Wheat beer.

IWTBH: Super lame. I remember  seeing you get drunk on cider once. Not your proudest moment…Let’s say you can have 50 million dollars but every time you sneeze you shit your pants. Yes or no?

JL: No way, I sneeze a lot.

IWTBH: Thanks Joe.

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