Peter Ha – Tech Editor, The Daily.


Peter Ha

Tech Editor, The Daily.

Hometown: Portland, Or. Lives: East Village, NYC. Obsessed with Batman, motorcycles and Boba Fett.

IWTBH: What 3 billion people do people tell you that you look like?


IWTBH: Why do they call you little Ha?

PH: Everyone who calls me that was introduced to me by my big brother.

IWTBH: Hokay…

PH: I have an older brother. That’s it!

IWTBH: How would you describe your personal style?

PH: I don’t care what’s in style. I wear what’s comfortable. East coast people tell me I have a West coast style.

IWTBH: Do you have a style icon?

PH: I don’t follow anyone’s style. I probably couldn’t afford it.

IWTBH: You could follow my style for less than $10.99 a month. Favorite shoe?

PH: These days, probably Nike. Nike 6.0. Growing up in Portland all of my friends had parents who worked at Nike.

IWTBH: Favorite brand?

PH: I like Onassis. They have a store in Soho and one in Tokyo.

IWTBH: Favorite watch?

PH: I can’t afford the watches I like yet so I wear G Shocks. This one is what I call “murdered out,” all black.

IWTBH: Dream watch?

PH: I would love a vintage Rolex. A ’60s or ’70s Oyster Date. Simple, no huge face. A new Rolex makes you look like a huge douchebag.

IWTBH: I have an old Rolex and I look like a huge douchebag. Favorite websites?

PH: I’m starting to hate the internet.

IWTBH: It’s your job!

PH: I know but there is just too much information out there. More than we can comprehend. I’m convinced we will all end up like the pod people in Wall-E.

IWTBH: You must like some websites?

PH: Hell For Leather, Uncrate, Everyday Carry.

IWTBH: Favorite ride?

PH: My KTM 250 XCF-W.

IWTBH: That’s a sweet bike. What can you do better than anyone else in the world?

PH: Hmmm… I guess I’m still trying to figure that out. I can tie cherry stems in a knot with my tongue.

IWTBH: That’s disgusting. How long can you wheelie?

PH: Maybe a second..

IWTBH: You know they say the ladies can tell how long a fella can last in the sack by how long he wheelies..

PH: Ah shit.

IWTBH: Next big purchase?

PH: Either a dresser or a street bike.

IWTBH: A Harley Davidson Dresser?

PH: No, a dresser to put my clothes in.

IWTBH: You could put your clothes in the saddle bags! Favorite possession?

PH: I like my tattoos a lot. I paid enough for them and they’ll be with me for ever. Even the shitty ones. They are done by a guy named Igor Mortis at Tiger Lilly in Portland.

IWTBH: How far are you going to go?

PH: I don’t want to get anything below the waist.

IWTBH: Not even “Welcome to Jamaica have a nice day”?

PH: …

IWTBH: Favorite movie?

PH: Bringing up Baby.

IWTBH: Cary Grant is the best. He is definitely a style icon of mine. Favorite T.V. show?

PH: Empty Nest.

IWTBH: I love any show with a sardonic womanizing cruise ship employee. Ever jerk off to Carol or Barbara?

PH: Hell no! I was too busy jerking off to Nicole Eggert!

IWTBH: I’d take Kristy McNichol any day. Are you a boob or a leg man?

PH: I’m way more into boobs. And a great ass trumps all.

IWTBH: I say vagina trumps all. What are you drinking?

PH: It’s a Cluster.

IWTBH: Why is it so small?

PH: …

IWTBH: Celebrity crush?

PH: Kate Beckinsale. She is the hottest one ever!

IWTBH: She is mad hot. She was great in Serendipity.

PH: I keep going up there hoping to run into her.

IWTBH: What are you listening to lately?

PH: A lot of Nico Vega. I subscribe to last album I downloaded was Ace of Base.

IWTBH: First job?

PH: Gas station in NE Portland. The bad part of town.

IWTBH: Sounds like a scary place to work.

PH: It was scary. My mom owned the gas station.

IWTBH: Ha. Favorite bar?

PH: I’ll say the Double Down. It’s cheap and I love people’s reactions when the ’80s porn comes on the T.V.

IWTBH: Favorite drink?

PH: I love Macallan 18.

IWTBH: Thats what guys with new Rolexes drink. What’s number one  on your bucket list?

PH: I really want to see Machu Picchu before they shut it down.

IWTBH: My number one was to f  a car show model but thats been ruined since I got married. Do you have a hero?

PH: I look up to my brother and my mom.

IWTBH:  Proudest moment?

PH: Getting my job at Time Magazine as an editor.

IWTBH: Being a tech editor, you must get access to all the latest gadgets. What excites you?

PH: I get really excited when I get a new iPhone or iPad before anyone else.

IWTBH: How are you so successful with the ladies when you look like you are ten years old?

PH: No comment.

IWTBH: Last question. You can have 50 million dollars but every time you get with a lady she turns into one of those bodies from that “Bodies” exhibit. Yes or no?

PH: No. No way. That’s disgusting. I’m going to have nightmares about that now. I only like to think about boobs with skin on.

IWTBH. Thanks Peter.









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