Kevin Christy


Kevin Christy

Actor, Illustrator, Comedian.

Hometown: La Crescenta, CA. Lives: Los Angeles, CA. Obsessed with: Twitter, watches and acrylic nail decoration

IWTBH: This is very exciting. A lot of people have been asking when IWTBH is going to feature its first gay.

KC: I’m not gay.

IWTBH: This is very exciting. A lot of people have been asking when IWTBH is going to feature the first actor/comedian who illustrates.


IWTBH: Your Girlfriend (who is a total fox) is also a comedian. Does she mock you in bed?

KC: Yes. Openly and often. In bed. Out of bed.

IWTBH: She is always complaining about your style. How would she like you to look?

Like an I.T. guy about to suck a dick.

IWTBH: How do you look?

KC: Like an old man who has given up. An old white man who has given up.

IWTBH: Favorite shoe?

KC: Vans.

IWTBH: Jeans?

KC: APC New Cure.

IWTBH: You have been in two of my favorite movies — Dude Where’s my Car? and Escape From Witch Mountain. Did you meet the “The Rock”?

KC: I did. I worked with The Rock. He’s really nice. And he loves jokes and stand up. He loves Dave Attell.

IWTBH: First job

KC: Bus boy. Restaurant in la Canada.

IWTBH: No, first blow job.

KC: Busboy, Restaurant in La Canada.

IWTBH: You have watched more porn than anyone I know. Do you groom your privates?

KC: Yes.

IWTBH: Would you groom my privates?

KC: If they were clean.

IWTBH: You can direct your own adult movie. Which person living or dead would you like to see F which other person living or dead?

KC: I would like to see Abe Lincoln F Pam Grier. You know what I’m saying. Really bring it home.

IWTBH: That’s awesome. Favorite porn star?

KC: Male or female?

IWTBH: Both.

KC: Female I like Ashlyn Gere. she was big in the 80s and 90s. Very enthusiastic. And male Tom Byron because he just never got in shape. Guys in porn now are in much better shape and well hung. Makes the girl seem less like a victim.

IWTBH: I’d rather watch a fat guy with a small wiener.

KC: Really? Do you watch minor legue baseball? The CFL?

IWTBH: Ha, true. Worst porn star?

KC: Rocco Siffredi. Because his broken English sexy talk is so bad it takes you out of the performing.

IWTBH: Betty or Veronica?

KC: Which one has dark hair?

IWTBH: Veronica.

KC: Veronica.

IWTBH: Joan or Melissa?

KC: Joan.

IWTBH: First celebrity crush?

KC: Staci Keanan from My Two Dads.

IWTBH: Mine was… which one has dark hair?

KC: Paul Reiser.

IWTBH: Paul Reiser. What can you do better than anyone else in the world?

KC: Recognize a voice-over. Not just the famous people, but anyone.  If you guest- starred once on West Wing, I will recognize your voice. And I can spot West Wing guest stars from 600 yards.

IWTBH: Favorite band?

K.C.: Right now or ever?


KC: Right now, AC/DC.

IWTBH: And Ever?


IWTBH: Last big purchase?

KC: A pre-owned Volvo V50 wagon. I’ve always wanted a Volvo station wagon.

IWTBH: We both love vintage watches. What are you wearing today?

KC: Rolex Submariner. 1979.

IWTBH: What else you got?

KC: Omega Speedmaster. Rolex DateJust. An A Lange and Sohne 1815.

IWTBH: We went to Wanna Buy a Watch? together and you pulled a total Rain Man. You knew the model numbers of everything. What are your favorite watch sites?

KC: I like and I also like Craig Evan Small.

IWTBH: Favorite T.V. shows?

KC: Louie, Men of a Certain Age, Chris Matthews show.

IWTBH: Sport?

KC: Football. I have a tattoo of a Cleveland Browns helmet. When we got ten wins I got pretty excited about it.

IWTBH: Love Boat or Fantasy Island?

KC: Fantasy Island. I always loved that show. There was a midget.

IWTBH: You are an illustrator…

K.C.: Award winning

IWTBH: …an award winning illustrator a comic and an actor. Which do you identify with most?

KC: Probably artist. Because that’s what I have done since I was born.

IWTBH: What sites do you look at regularly?


IWTBH: Favorite Comics?

KC: Bill Burr, Maria Bamford, Brian Regan.

IWTBH: I’m going to go ahead and add Laura Valdivia so you don’t get in trouble. Biggest Life changing moment?

KC: I’m torn between My Father dying and Britney Spears dropping her Toxic Album.

IWTBH: Oy, Style icon?

KC: Paul Newman got it right at every age. They named a Rolex after the guy.

IWTBH: Hero?

KC: My father was pretty great. He did the right thing more often than anyone I have ever met.

IWTBH: Favorite drink?

KC: I don’t drink alcohol. I love Coke Slurpees and Ny Quil.

IWTBH: You are obsessed with Twitter. How many followers do you have?

KC: 2,004.

IWTBH: After this comes out you might make 2,005. What scares you.

KC: The tattoos I almost got in high school. I almost got negative flames. A tribal forearm piece. Stars down my arm. You have to check out www.ugliest The misspellings alone are worth going for.

IWTBH: What tattoos did you get?

KC: Bird. Grandma and Grandpa. Dad. Two stars. JH. Broken Wrist Project logo.

IWTBH: Whats next?

KC: Next one is “Where’s the party at?”

IWTBH: I’m saving for an Aloha Monkey. Favorite expression?

KC: Spoiler alert: Everyone you know is gonna die.

IWTBH: Last question. You can have 175 million dollars but every morning you have to drown a puppy. Yes or no?

KC: There’s no amount of money that would make me drown a puppy. But I could shoot a human for free Starbucks. FTW.

IWTBH: Thanks Kevin.











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