Foley Stewart, Musician

Foley Stewart


Hometown: New York, NY. Lives: East Village. Obsessed with: The Stones, vintage stores and BJs

IWTBH: You are a real life rock star. Ever F a model?

FS: Yeah.

IWTBH: How often do you bathe?

FS: At least once a day.

IWTBH: Ever sign a girls boobs?

FS: No — actually, yeah. Well not her boobs, her vagina.

IWTBH: Wow, impressive. How would you describe your personal style?

FS: Maverick

IWTBH: Maverick from Top Gun?

FS: Yes

IWTBH: What’s your favorite guitar?

FS: I love a Fender Mustang from the ’60s.

IWTBH: Favorite Amp?

FS: Fender Champ.

IWTBH: Tell me about your icons.

FS: I have had icons but so often they become not icons anymore. I go in and out of a lot of them.

IWTBH: Most people can only dream of going in and out of their icons. But seriously, anyone?

FS: The Stones. They have never stopped being icons for me.

IWTBH: Are you a good dancer?

FS: Er, I don’t think I can judge for myself. I like dancing.

IWTBH: You know they say the ladies can judge a fella’s skill in the sack by the way he dances.

FS: It’s true

IWTBH: So are you a good dancer?

FS: Yes.

IWTBH: What was your last big purchase?

FS: A plane ticket back to NYC from Amsterdam. I kept extending my trip and every time I did the price went up $100.

IWTBH: Amsterdam! Did you take any mushrooms?

FS: No.

IWTBH: Smoke any pot?

FS: No.

IWTBH: Hash?

FS: No.

IWTBH: What the F. You are supposed to be a rock star!

FS: I was too busy dancing.

IWTBH: When we first met you were still in high school and fronting the amazing glam rock band The Bones Royal. How did that come about?

FS: I was into acting and really loved the Rolling Stones. I used to imitate Mick Jagger in my bedroom. I made my friends dress up too and we had a band. I just so wanted to be the Stones.

IWTBH: And now?

FS: I still want to be them but of course I have become a little disillusioned. I guess I just want to be myself.

IWTBH: What has been your biggest life changing experience?

FS: My first tour in Europe [With Fran Healy]. It was amazing and gave me a lot of confidence but it also taught me that you don’t leave your problems at home.

IWTBH: Last music purchase?

FS: Milk Man by Deerhoof.

IWTBH: Nice, I love a good concept album. HJ or BJ?

FS: What. Are you kidding me? BJ all the way, Jay.

IWTBH: You are so young. Once you get to my age you will appreciate the value of a good HJ. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

FS: 14 or maybe 15. Must have been 15.

IWTBH: I lost my virginity to my high school math teacher.

FS: You did?

IWTBH: Yes, and he still gave me a C-. What is your favorite store?

FS: I like secondhand stores. Salvation Army, Goodwill. But H & M for pants. Old pants don’t fit right.

IWTBH: Those are really cool shoes you are wearing. What are they?

FS: John Fluevog. They can be a bit over the top sometimes but I really love these.

IWTBH: They look like pimp shoes.

IWTBH: What is your favorite book?

FS:Everyone Poops. That was a real life changer for me.

IWTBH: Nice. Ever have a threesome?

FS: No but I have had a mind double blow job.

IWTBH: Mind?

FS: Mimed. A mimed double blow job. I was at The Box in London. Two girls pulled me up on stage and gave me a fake double blow job. It looked pretty cool.

IWTBH: I would rather have had a fake double HJ. Do you have any rock star jewlery?

FS: I like rings. My favorite I got in Marrakech. I have a lot of Jewlery from street vendors.

IWTBH: Me too. You should check out C’est Magnifique on Macdougal Street. They have the best skull rings in New York. And Crazy Pig in London. It’s where Keith Richards and Billy Gibbons get their rings.

IWTBH: Favorite music store in the city?

FS: Now that Main Drag is gone I will say East Village Music.

IWTBH: Electric or acoustic?

FS: I go back and forth. I like to write on an acoustic.

IWTBH: First T.V. character who aroused you sexually?

FS: The ponies in “My little Pony”.

IWTBH: I would wreck that. Last question. You can have 25 million dollars but every time you have an orgasm it takes a year off your life. Yes or no?

FS: Thats horrible. I would never do that. I’m a rock star, I’d be dead within the month.

IWTBH: Thanks, Foley.

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